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Meet the Team

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  • Zac Giltner AKA "Guilty"
    General Manager

    How many years with Harley-Davidson: Security Clearance Required

    Favorite thing about working at LSHD: Our staff is full of riders looking to help other riders. Not to mention we have awesome events and like to party!

    Favorite motorcycle: FXR

    Hobby or Past time: Fishing, Hunting, Boating and of course riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles. 

    Favorite Quote: Bad Choices Make Better Stories

  • Craig "Archie" Archambault
    Divison Director

    Current Bike: Street Glide

    Craig has always had a passion for anything and everything that has a motor, from bikes to boats! His need for speed began at a young age as he has been riding motorcycles and snowmobiles since the age of 5. As most of you know with such daring interests a few broken bones are almost a guarantee, and he has had way more than his share in his lifetime! Adding to his passion he spent his spare time racing motocross all over Michigan from his late teens into his early 20's. It does not stop there; he has raced snow mobiles, go-karts, and cars. This passion for racing has been passed onto his children as one of their favorite pastimes as they raced go-karts and cars over their childhood and teen years growing up.  If Craig isn't feeding his need for speed you can find him enjoying a nice plate of Italian food! His favorite phrase is "no problem" and I think we could all get along with that mindset. 

  • Evan Walker
    Graphic Designer

    Hometown: Plantersville, Mississippi

    How Many Years with Harley: 8 Years

    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: The people. The crew is second to none and our customers are literally the best. It's awesome.

    Dream Motorcycle: New Harley XG750R Flat Tracker

    Hobby or pass-time: Rebuilding old Motorcycles that shouldn't be rebuilt.

    Favorite Quote: "That word, I don't think it means what you think it means…" I Montoya

  • Victoria
    Event Coordinator

    Hometown: Portland, OR

    How Many Years with Harley-Davidson: Almost two years

    Favorite Thing About Working For Lake Shore H-D: We have an awesome dealership family here, there's never a dull moment

    Favorite Motorcycle: WW2 Harley-Davidson XA

    Hobby or Past Time: Pin up, 1950s jive, going to the movies, going to rockabilly concerts

    Favorite Quote:

    The devil whispered in my ear "You're not strong enough to withstand the storm" Today I whispered in the devils ear "I am the storm"

  • Christine
    Office Manager

    How many years with Harley-Davidson?  1 year

    Favorite thing about working at LSH-D?  The energy.  It's impossible to be in a bad mood here!

    Favorite Motorcycle?  Fat Boy

    Hobby or Pastime?  Photography

    Favorite Quote?  "You can't expect change is you don't change anything."

  • Pam
    Office Assistant

    How many years with Harley-Davidson?  10 months

    Favorite thing about working at LSH-D?  The people!  both co-workers and customers.

    Favorite motorcycle?  Road Glide Ultra

    Hobby or Pastime?  reading, baking, spending time with grandkids-not necessarily in that order.

    Favorite Quote?  "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.  It's about learning to dance in the rain."- Vivian Greene

  • Barb

    How many years with Harley-Davidson?  2 yrs

    Favorite thing about working at LSHD?  Being part of a Rock Star Team!

    Favorite Motorcycle?  All of them-zoom, zoom!

    Hobby or Past time?  Reading.

    Favorite Quote?  "Live Life Now, Sleep Later."

  • Alex

  • Saul

    Hometown: Waukegan

    How many years have you been with Harley: 3 years

    Favorite part about working at LSHD: Being around all the motorcycles and the great staff

    Favorite Motorcycles: Street Glide

    Hobby/Pastime: Spending time with my kids