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Meet the Parts & Service Team

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  • Aaron
    Parts Specialist

    How many years with Harley-Davidson?  1 year

    Favorite thing about working at LSH-D?  Definitely the People!  Not just all my co-workers, but the new customers that become family, & my regulars that come in and share a laugh and a story with me.

    Favorite motorcycle?  My '03 Sportster (Because I'm biased!), Softail Crossbones, Dyna Street Bob.

    Hobby or pastime?  Motorcycles aside, I love hot-rods (pre '63)  And of course bowling.  I also am apart of a social club that does a lot of charity work for several different not-for-profit organizations.  

    Favorite Quote?  "Go Big or Go Home!"

  • Kevin
    Service Manager

    How many years with Harley-Davidson?  10 years

    Favorite thing about working at LSH-D?  Meeting awesome people everyday & smiles on their faces when they get their bike back.

    Favorite motorcycle?  Super glide

    Hobby or Pastime?  BMX Riding

    Favorite Quote?  "Two bricks coming up!"- Gary Busey

  • Lawrence Lahr
    Service Technician

    How many years have you worked for Harley: 10 years
    Hometown: Lake Zurich
    What is your favorite thing about working at LSH-D? The people I get to work with
    Favorite motorcycle: 06 HD Night train
    Hobby or pastime: Hot Rods
    Favorite quote: "Yes I have four grand-kids" 

  • Brennen
    Tech Assistant

    How many years with Harley-Davidson?  1 year

    Favorite thing about working at LSHD?  I enjoy the culture and also the opportunity to be around what I love all day, Motorcycles.  I also enjoy learning more about the bikes.  Great stuff and super fun environment.

    Favorite Motorcycle?  Softail Slims

    Hobby or Past Time?  I play the drums in a metal band, working on my bike, spending time with my kid, making beef jerky.  I enjoy drawing and composing music as well.

    Favorite Quote?  "Good things happen to good people and things always find a way to work themselves out with a little hard work and a positive attitude."

  • Eric
    Service Technician

    Hometown: Mariposa, CA

    How long have you been with Harley: over 20 years

    Favorite Motorcycle: Have a love and open mind for all makes and models

    Hobby/Pastime: Building performance engines

    Favorite Quote: "Make do with what you have and where you are at, at that time" - Teddy Roosevelt

  • Kyle
    Service Technician

    Hometown: Palatine

     How many years with Harley-Davidson? 6 years

    Favorite thing about working at LSHD?  The people and the toys.

    Favorite Motorcycle?  Mine of course or 1974 FXE

    Hobby or Past Time?  Tinkering in the garage, playing with the dog, taking long walks on the beach, creating inspirational Cat Posters, playing with legos

    Favorite Quote?  "You're out of your element Donnie."

  • Kory
    Service Advisor

    How many years with Harley-Davidson?  12 years

    Favorite thing about working at LSH-D?  The people & getting to build someone's dream bike every day!

    Favorite Motorcycle?  XR750 Flat Tracker or Road Glide

    Hobby or Pastime?  Motorcycles, fishing & the outdoors.

    Favorite Quote?  "Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around"  - Henry David Thoreau

  • Mike

    Favorite thing about working at LSHD? Being around bikes

    Favorite Bike: My fat boy

    Hobby/Pastime: Making leather accessories 

    Favorite quote: "Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn."

  • Nick

    How many years with Harley-Davidson?  12 years

    Favorite thing about working at LSH-D?  Working around the worlds best toys, & helping people make there dreams come true.

    Favorite motorcycle?  Dyna Low Rider

    Hobby or pastime?  Enjoying an adult beverage, cigars, sneakers, Star Wars, comic books, riding bicycles, any time spent with my daughter, shooting. zombies, movies, those glass bottles you put colored sand in at great America, braiding horse manes, video games, & framing WAMM! Posters.

    Favorite Quote?  "Do you want some stale bagels?"

  • Josh
    Service Advisor

    How many years have you worked for Harley? 4 years

    Favorite part about working at Lake Shore Harley-Davidson?  I love the people I get to meet and constantly being around motorcycles is definitely a plus.

    Favorite motorcycle: Dynas

    Hobby or Pastime: riding motorcycles, playing music

    Rides: 2001 Dyna Wide Glide

    Favorite Quote: "When people tell me that I am going to regret that in the morning, I sleep 'til noon, because I am a problem solver" 

  • Derek
    Master Technician

    Ride: 1997 Road King and 2001 XL 883C

    Motorcycles began as just a hobby for Derek, but once he started operating on them in 2004 - he realized it was his passion. As a master technician, he is motivated by other peoples love for motorcycles and he prides himself on the face that everyone drives out of his bay safely. Derek excels at performance and efficiency, and has an appreciation of style and originality. He always goes above and beyond to make sure his customers, or rather his fellow riders, drive away happily. 

  • Dan
    Service Technician

    How many years with Harley-Davidson?  17+ years

    Favorite thing about working at LSH-D?  It's fun.  We have a great group of people working here.

    Favorite Motorcycle?  90's FXSTC

    Hobby or Pastime?  Avid pool player

    Favorite Quote?  "I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead."

  • Jordan
    Shipping & Receiving

    How many years with Harley-Davidson?  13 years

    Favorite thing about working at LSH-D?  Is definitely the people.  I have met some of the most amazing people from all walks of life.  The stories & the laughter that we share, I will remember forever.

    Favorite Motorcycle?  Road King Classic

    Hobby or Pastime?  I eat, sleep & breathe Green Bay packers Football.  When I am not watching football, I try to be the best husband, son, brother, uncle, friend & employee i can be.  During football season, not too much.

    Favorite Quote?  "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will."-Vince Lombardi

  • Yogi
    Parts to Service Counter

    Hometown: Wadsworth, IL

    How many years have you been with Harley: 2 years

    Favorite thing about working at LSHD?: The people 

    Favorite Motorcycle: Deluxe

    Hobby/Pastime: playing darts, riding

    Favorite Quote:  "Whatever you are, be a good one"